About me

Hebamme Christin Rauhut

I am a Christian, 39 years old, midwife and mother of three wonderful daughters. I have been doing my midwifery work for 10 years with a lot of heart and passion - I accompany women and their families during pregnancy, during their birth at home or in a birth centre and /or in the postpartum period and often beyond.

The idea for Mamabiom came about because I repeatedly saw a big difference between newborns who were born vaginally and those who were born by caesarean section. The C-section babies had digestive problems and tummy aches much more often and for longer and were more susceptible to infections. It was clear to me that this was because of their incomplete/altered microbiome and I wished more pregnant women knew about vaginal seeding and would use this method to help their children's immune systems get off to the best start naturally. So what was needed was an informative and user-friendly kit that as many pregnant women as possible would want to use to implement this wonderful way of promoting health - this is where our Mamabiom Vaginal Seeding Kit was born. We are very happy if this gives a lot of newborns the best possible start into a healthy life.

Mamabiom - Vaginal Seeding Kit

Vaginal Seeding Set

Du kannst bei Mamabiom ein komplettes Vaginal Seeding Set inkl. aller notweniger Materialien und einer ausführlichen Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung bestellen oder auch nur die Anleitung ohne Materialien als Sofortdownload.

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